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Joseph Chang, Ph.D., attended Portsmouth University in England, and earned his doctorate in
Pharmacology at the University of London. He completed his post-doctoral fellowship at
The Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health. 


From 1981 to 2006, Joe’s dynamic career path included working for major pharmaceutical companies
conducting groundbreaking research and developing therapeutic drugs for several life threatening
diseases. During this time, he became convinced that focusing on nutrition and optimal
supplementation could benefit the lives of more people. 


Eventually, he and Michael Chang, Ph.D.,
started Pharmanex, a new company focusing
on natural ingredients.
Pharmanex took him on a journey from the
pharmaceutical world to the world of nutritional
supplements. Within three years, Pharmanex was
acquired by Nu Skin, which provided critical
resources for the discovery of ageLOC science. 


Today, as Chief Scientific Officer and Executive
Vice President of Product Development at Nu Skin,
Joe passionately works to see his anti-aging vision
come to fruition, especially with the advancement
of ageLOC technology.


ageLOC is the fulfillment of his dream to develop the
next generation of truly effective anti-aging products,
benefiting anyone willing to engage in their own health.



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It is all about the science - Lifegen Technologies are leading the revolution

The technology is revolutionary and that is why we can do what others can't...

a new technology is changing the way we age

Vitality increases cognitive function

Vitality increases cognitive function


Dr Joe Chang shared so much over the weekend. The picture above are some figured shares which are about to be published in medical journals.


Physical stamina

ageLOC Vitality Increased glycogen (energy) in muscles while exercising by 24%. This is what gives you the physical energy. You will see ageLOC Vitality reach it's peak within 21 days of continual use.


Mental Acuity

In one of the clinical double blind studies on ageLOC Vitality studied memory function. The base line that goes horizontally across in the photo in black, is the normal function of a 20 year old memory. Then four groups of older adults were given the same test, weekly for 12 weeks. You can see at the beginning that they averaged 47% each week. Some were given no product, some with the best selling memory enhancement product (Gold), and some with a placebo. You can see that taking the same test each week, the adults remembered more as the study progressed through the weeks. The first three groups had almost the same results. What is AMAZING is the fourth group (shown in red) that were taking ageLOC Vitality.  They surpassed the 20 year olds on week 5, and by week 12 were far surpassing the memory of the 20 year olds.   


Sexual Function

Lets just say that everyone who had been using the products were smiling J 

How does ageLOC Vitality work?

As we age, our bodies’ ability to effectively generate and utilize energy can decline, robbing us of youthful vitality. ageLOC Vitality improves the three dimensions of vitality—physical vigor, mental acuity, and sexual desire—by promoting healthy YGC activity associated with youthful vitality. Through targeting the sources of age-related vitality loss, ageLOC Vitality helps you feel more like you did when you were young.

What are the primary benefits of ageLOC Vitality?

  • Promotes healthy YGC activity associated with youthful vitality.
  • Supports three dimensions of vitality that typically decline with age—physical vigor, mental acuity, and sexual desire.
  • Raises and sustains baseline energy levels.


Deep inside each of our cells, tiny cellular "power plants" called mitochondria create the energy that fuels our bodies. Mitochondria are the key source of youthful vitality and are most highly concentrated in the brain, heart, and muscle. As we age, the effeciency and number of our mitochondria decline, and energy production can't meet the demands of our bodies. Nu Skin's ageLOC approach identifies how this source of vitality can be influenced.


Frequently Asked Questions

 What are the usage directions for ageLOC Vitality?

Suggested Dosing: Take three (3) capsules twice daily. Can be taken with or without food. Not to exceed six (6) capsules daily.
Alternate Dosing: Take six (6) capsules once daily to jump start your day or to overcome that afternoon vitality slump.

How many servings are in one bottle of ageLOC Vitality?

Each bottle of ageLOC Vitality contains 60 servings (180 capsules), which is a one-month supply of the product.

How does ageLOC Vitality work?

ageLOC Vitality is formulated to address the sources of age-related vitality loss. By supporting healthy, youthful expression of a mitochondria-related YGC, it promotes optimal mitochondrial performance to help your cells produce energy more efficiently. This exclusive ageLOC Vitality blend improves three key areas of vitality—physical vigor, mental acuity, and sexual desire.

How is ageLOC Vitality different from typical energy drinks or supplements?

Unlike many products currently on the market, ageLOC Vitality is not designed to provide a quick fix or boost. Instead, it is formulated to raise and maintain a person’s baseline energy level for a long-term and sustained increase in overall vitality. This helps people avoid the ups and downs of caffeinated and high-sugar drinks and supplements.

How quickly will I experience benefits from ageLOC Vitality?

ageLOC Vitality is not a stimulant and is designed to raise overall levels of vitality with consistent use. When people take ageLOC Vitality as directed, they should notice benefits within two to four weeks.

What should I feel when I take ageLOC Vitality?

When ageLOC Vitality is taken regularly, noticeable benefits should include improvement in stamina and physical capacity, improved mental acuity or sharpness, and increased levels of sexual desire.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t use ageLOC Vitality?

ageLOC Vitality contains a blend of safe and well studied fruit and phytonutrients and is suitable for all healthy adults. Concurrent use of ageLOC Vitality with prescription drugs has not been assessed; however third party studies of the individual ingredients provide useful insights to physicians advising their patients. People taking anticoagulants (including high-dose aspirin therapy), anti-diabetic drugs, MAO inhibitors, blood pressure medication, immunosuppressants, or any other medication should consult a physician before taking this or other dietary supplements. Discontinue use of this product two weeks prior to and after surgery. A physician should be notified prior to surgery if supplementation was continued during the two-week washout period.

Who Should Use This Product?

Men and women over the age of 18 who have ever felt tired, a loss of vitality, or an inability to fully engage in an active life, and who want to reset, revive, and renew their youthful vitality.

Can I take other Supplements with ageLOC Vitality?

LifePak®/LifePak® Nano—the perfect companion to ageLOC Vitality because optimal gene expression requires good nutrition and mitochondrial and DNA protection. LifePak/LifePak Nano, with its excellent nutrition and broad antioxidant formulation, provides nutrients and critical mitochondrial free radical protection to slow the accumulation of mitochondrial and genetic damage and reduce the effects of aging. Together, ageLOC Vitality and LifePak/LifePak Nano restore youthful gene expression and provide ultimate antioxidant protection, helping to restore youthful vitality.*

Pharmanex® Solutions Products—combine with ageLOC Vitality for targeted benefits. Current users of CordyMax™ and Energy formula should not take both products but should transition to ageLOC Vitality for broader benefits. If needed, add Venix™ for a more targeted sexual health benefit since it helps support circulation, which is essential to normal sexual function. For more targeted pre- and post-workout benefits, add OverDrive.™ *

ageLOC ™ Skin Care Products—great companions to ageLOC Vitality because resetting YGCs on the outside and the inside delivers a beautiful blend of youthful appearance and youthful vitality.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

ageLOC Vitality - Testimonials

ageLOC Vitality Testimonials

“ageLOC Vitality is amazing! After a day or so I noticed my energy level was so high I was wanting to work out again. My stamina has improved so much I can work out twice as long and with more weights! I am sleeping better and can’t wait to get up and get going every morning. After two weeks, I feel like I did 15 years ago.Mentally I can now focus and be at high intensity during appointments all day without being exhausted. I love ageLOC Vitality!” 
-Ann H. -Nu Skin Distributor ~ Dallas, Texas


“I am feeling incredible on our new Vitality product!  For me it is a great alternative to coffee, soda and energy drinks which would give me "jittery" energy that I would crash from later in the day.  They also tend to be very acidic and hurt my stomach.  After taking this product I'm down from 3 cups of coffee per day, to just 1/2 cup in the morning. And that's just habit- I don't even need it!  The best part is, I no longer get that 2:30 feeling later.” 

Eric K. -Nu Skin Distributor ~ Las Vegas, Nevada


"I no longer feel drained and exhausted after the work day and I have enough energy to last all day. I’m active in the evenings again!" 
-Camille B. -Nu Skin Employee ~ Spanish Fork, Utah


“What I noticed is the alertness.  Around 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon I would start to drag, and I would need a little coffee or something to keep me moving.  With Vitality the energy just flows. It is phenomenal to have more stamina through the day, and to be alert for longer periods of time.  I can keep moving, and the increased patience, focus, and alertness for me is amazing!”  

Stacy K. -Nu Skin Distributor ~ Las Vegas, Nevada

“I love ageLOC Vitality! I don’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore like I used to which helps me bemore clear-headed and with much more energy." 
-Patricia K. -Nu Skin Employee ~ Mississauga, Ontario


“The most significant change for me was the complete mental clarity… no mental fog. I felt like I was previously operating in a tunnel and that suddenly, the world opened up in terms of how I could see things. You can’t get better than ageLOC Vitality.” 
-Donna E. -Nu Skin Distributor ~ Sacramento, California

"After using ageLOC Vitality for three days, I noticed that I could extend my usual workout—leading to more intense and frequent workouts." 
-Nick J. -Nu Skin Employee ~ Provo, Utah


“I was totally amazed with ageLOC Vitality. I felt this surge throughout my body…as though all my circuits were being turned on! I noticed that I had no longer needed my usual afternoon pick me up, and started to feel this clean, healthy, even flow of energy that I used to feel and take for granted. It feels so good to feel this good again!”

Mickey E. -Nu Skin Distributor ~ Santa Barbara, California

"I’m always falling asleep in meetings and yawning at the most inappropriate times. Now I can stay awakeduring the day and have stopped yawning completely." 
-Anganel D. -Nu Skin Employee ~ Provo, Utah

“The saying is true "you don't know whatcha got ‘til its gone".  While on the product I noticed increased energy that lasted all day and the most noticeable was consistent focus and clarity.  The last 4 days without the product have been rough...I'm now so aware of my crashes and scatter brain-ness, that I can't believe I was used to functioning this way in the past.  I was trying to read earlier today and was struggling to finish 3 pages (which is normal for me, hence I take forever to finish a book), when it occurred to me how easy it was to read last week mostly because I was able to focus while reading on Vitality. Thank God in less that 30 days I'll never have to go without Vitality again...until then, have some grace with me!”

-Joy B. -Nu Skin Distributor ~ Las Vegas, Nevada     

“My experience with ageLOC Vitality has been great! I’m able to accomplish more each day at work and at home. And after a long day at work, I’m able to stay awake and alert enough to enjoy time with my family. I love my newfound life!” 
-Kim C. -Nu Skin Employee ~ Spanish Fork, Utah

“I was a little apprehensive as to what ageLOC Vitality would do or what I would feel. For the first week I didn’t feel much, but the second week I really saw improvement in my overall energy, and I saw significant improvement in my workouts. I like to be active and play sports. I soon noticed a dramatic difference in the amount of weight I could lift and how far I could run. I’ve never taken another product that provides this type of a sustained, healthy lift for me.” 
-Scott B. ~ -Nu Skin Distributor ~ Las Vegas, Nevada

"90 minutes of cardio yesterday and kept my heart rate between 150-160!! Felt so good all day. This Vitality supplement has changed my life. It is almost scary how awesome this supplement is!" 
-Traci S. -Nu Skin Distributor ~ West Linn, Oregon

“I can tell you personally that I have never felt better than I feel right now. I mean mental claritymuscle stamina, just a general youthfulness. I feel like a teenager.” 
-Scott S. -Nu Skin Employee ~ Provo, Utah


“I have been taking Vitality for just over 2 weeks. I have always had a lot of energy but I can still notice the difference. I am waking up energized and no longer need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. I am sleeping betterand find that I am able to think faster and accomplish a lot more in a day! “

-Vivienne B. -Nu Skin Distributor ~ Miami, Florida 

"ageLOC Vitality has made a significant difference in the way I live! I have a much easier time making it through the work day without the afternoon fatigue, and I know I'm more productive.  Also, I am not drained at the end of the day and I've been able to exercise more often, and my workouts have been more efficient because I have the energy to put more effort into whatever I'm doing that day!  I also have an easier time waking up in the morning. But the best thing is it's not like a caffeine type of energy, it feels sustained throughout the day and I never feel a "crash." 

-Clarrisa G. -Nu Skin Employee ~ Provo, Utah


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